The Oscars 2009: the 81st academy award winners as it happens


Welcome to the 2009 Academy Awards from Ginger Liu under the Goodyear blimp. I’ll be reporting on the winners and the winners speeches live as they happen. I’m not here to discuss dresses and hairdos, I leave that to the writers who care about such things. Although I promised myself not to talk about what is happening before the Oscars I do have to mention Kate Winslet, who is nominated for the Best Actress Award for “The Reader,” because she’s just been interviewed and she still remains so down to earth. Kate and Danny Boyle have my support tonight. Oh come on. I’m a Brit, the Oscars turn into the Olympic Games and it’s all about supporting your own in Hollywood Blvd. Having said that, Meryl Streep always gets my vote and this year Sean Penn and Gus Van Sant for “Milk” are my dream team. We’re minute away folks but you still have time to get your Oscar ballots in.

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