Momma’s Boy’s DJ Michael Sarysz Tour

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You may recognize Michael Sarysz from NBC’s Momma’s Boys. He’s the show’s favorite hunky actor, model, and South Florida fire fighter. This year sees Michael embarking on a new career and tour as a hot DJ.  Michael began his DJ career in 2001 and since then has spun the decks for star clients such as Barry Gibb and Elvis Costello.  Born in Chicago, Michael moved to LA where he modeled and acted in various TV series such as General Hospital, NCIS, and Ocean Avenue. He relocated to South Florida where he became a fire fighter and deejayed for local events in his spare time.  He started his own music entertainment company,Sarz Entertainment, and this year announced his DJ tour to coincide with the release of his first dance single, “Night Love,” and mainstream single. “Soulja 4 Love.”

I caught up with the charismatic Jack-of-all-trades in-between rehearsals. 


GL            You’ve become a hit on NBC’s Momma’s Boys. How have you liked the show so far?

MS           Although I had done some bit parts on T.V., I never really had any experience with the whole Reality TV phenomenon. Having the opportunity to work with some big time producers like Ryan Seacrest and Andrew Glassman was a real bonus. Overall, I felt the show was a great experience plus I met a lot of wonderful people.

GL          You’re an actor, model, and DJ. You are also a qualified fire fighter. Where does your passion lie and why?

MS           Acting, modeling and DJing are all basically a form of entertaining and I enjoy them all. But my first true passion would have to be the music. Whether it’s in the studio producing new tracks or out in a club entertaining a crowd, I’m definitely happiest when it’s all about the music.  As far as going through the fire academy and becoming a certified paramedic, it was an experience I would never trade.  That kind of training and knowledge is something that gave me a great sense of pride and confidence that I could never get anyplace else.

GL            What does your mom think of your exploits?

MS           My mom has been extremely supportive of all my ambitions.  She has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and never give up.  As a kid growing up, she raised me with the traditional morals and culture of a typical Italian/American family. It is very important to her that I continue to keep my priorities in order while chasing my dreams in this entertainment industry.

GL            Describe your music and your influences.

MS           My music is a blend of everything I listened to while growing up.  I’ve been blessed with a pretty good sense of timing and rhythm.  Working as a DJ also keeps my ears fresh to what the current trends are.  It also allows me to use the latest technology when producing my songs.  When I create music I like to give each track it’s own sound.  If I find myself relying on a specific formula or sound, I’ll trash the whole track and start over.  I guess I’m a perfectionist in that way.   

GL            Which musicians did you listen to in your teens?

MS           From an early age, I was introduced to all types of music – from crooners like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin to the Beatles and disco groups of the 70’s and 80”s.  Living in South Florida I was also exposed to a lot of the rhythms and arrangements of Salsa and Latino Music.   And like every other teenager growing up in the 90’s I listened to all the boy bands and hip hop stuff of that time.

GL            Which bands/DJ’s are you into now and who do you think will be hot in 2009.

MS           Right now Im into Deadmou5 and Axwll.  I feel that their individual styles are very modern, extremely up-to-date and actually a branch between mainstream and underground house.

GL            You are embarking on your first DJ tour this spring. Describe how you feel.

MS             I’m very excited about it.  I also feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity to do what I love to do, DJing and entertaining an audience. 

GL            Describe your new single “Soulja 4 Love” and your first single “Night Love.”

MS           My first single “Soulja4Love” is a real pop song that speaks from the heart.  It’s very radio friendly, and can appeal to almost every age group. It definitely shows my softer side.  “Night Love” on the other hand is a real dance floor number that pulsates through a crowded club.

GL            Which song is your favorite to play live?

MS          Without a doubt, it would have to be “Soulja4love.”  This song touches the audience in a sentimental way and really inspires a lot of emotion that allows me to connect to them.

GL            You started your on DJ Music Entertainment Company called Sarz Entertainment. Tell me more about that.

MS           Back in 2001 while out in L.A. I started to really get interested in the DJ Entertainment business.  It wasn’t until 2005 that I considered myself a professional DJ. It takes years to perfect the delivery and technique required to be a top notch DJ.  Like any other profession worth doing, it requires a lot of hard work, effort and determination.   It just doesn’t happen overnight.  My company, up until this point, has focused mostly on private parties, corporate events and special events.  For the past year or so, I’ve been working more in the club scene.

GL            What do your fellow fire fighters think of your celebrity status?

MS          Many firefighters moonlight as a result of on 24 off 48.  I guess what I do does push the envelope just a little.  Friends that I’ve made in medics school and the fire academy have always been supportive, but I did get my fair share of teasing.  In fact my nickname in the academy was, believe or not, Hollywood!

GL            Will we be seeing more of you on TV this year?

MS             The short answer is I hope so. But, if I learned anything at all, it would have to be keep your options open.  I intend to stay focused on my music, but at the same time, I will certainly explore other opportunities that may come my way. The question is, “Will you be seeing me on T.V. this year?” I would have to say, optimistically, yes!  

Ginger Liu


Ginger Liu

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