Bridget Jones’ Star Renee Zellweger Asked to Hand Over Diary


Oscar winner and Bridget Jones’ Diary star, Renee Zellweger, was asked to hand over her real life diary by attorney Allen Michel. Michel represents an insurer that has paid nearly $6 million for a 7-week delay in shooting during the filming of 2005’s “Cinderalla Man” in Toronto, when leading man Russell Crowe dislocated his shoulder.  Renee’s agent negotiated a $3 million payment for the Bridget Jones’ Diary star because of the delay. Michel told a judge in Los Angeles on Friday that he wants Renee to hand over her diary, give a deposition and provide any other substantiating documents to explain her actions during that time. The insurer is denying liability for the money paid to Renee, who isn’t named as a party to the lawsuit. One can only hope that Renee’s diary is as entertaining as her celluloid doppelganger and entries include nods to overeating, unrequited love and petty jealousies.


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