Is it Reality TV for Family of 16 Kids


Mother of octuplets has six other children at home.

Actually, there was a couple in England in the 90’s who had 8 babies. It wasn’t called Reality TV then -the BBC made a Documentary. The family was sponsored by various baby products, but because it’s the BBC and not a rich American broadcast network, the couple didn’t receive money for the doc. They did receive free health care -which they were entitled to -in the form of home help and baby food, etc. The husband had to give up his job to help look after the kids -they lived off donations from the caring public. It was tough though. No millions of dollars from a network deal. No changing the “reality” for the sake of ratings so that there’s always a happy ending, and so really not “reality” at all. No throwing money at them so that “real” monetary struggles don’t exist. “Reality” TV -what a joke.

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