French Strike Chaos


The French are on strike again. I have to hand it them. They do get things done. Over there, the government serves the people, not the other way round. The government is afraid of the French public and bows down to threats of strike. When the government messes up, the French people are out on the streets and fighting for their lives. The American’s don’t understand strikes, they prefer to sit on their collective asses and hope and prey that Obama will save the day. There is no punishment for the people and corporations who put the world in to this financial mess. The French keep the revolution alive. Power-to-the-people. A collective voice with power to turn governments. The Americans haven’t had an uprising since the 60’s. Why aren’t the American people marching on Washington and demanding that Washington fat cats and corporate greed is put on trial? Why aren’t Americans taking to the streets and fighting for their homes, jobs, and livelihoods? Why such blind faith in government? 

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