Bird Watching in Hollywood


I’m not embarrassed to admit that I love birds. I’ve watched them since my childhood in the glorious greenbelt Lancashire countryside. Now I’m in California and when I run I look at the strange colorful birds around me. I can name all the birds in England but not yet in Los Angeles. I recently spotted a huge red parakeet sitting at the top of one of the palm trees opposite my apartment. Like me, I guess he or she was not from around these parts.

One of the best sights to see is bird migration. I love listening to the quacks of birds and looking up to the sky to see thousands of them flying off to southern beaches to sip tequila under the hot sun. And you think they’re dumb?!

One thought on “Bird Watching in Hollywood

  1. The Starling or Sturnus vulgaris (not sure if the vulgaris part is due to the common non song bird qualities of this bird). But this bird was (at one time) NOT native to N. America, but 1 of 100 species brought over to Central Park in the 1890’s. The 100 species of birds brought here were done so as an effort to bring all the species mentioned in William Shakespeare writings. While a noble effort, the success and ability of this bird to thrive here has crowded out other birds (many song birds) for nesting and food sources. Their population in N. America is now estimated at over 200 million birds.
    a great website for birding and info related to these winged beings is Cornell University’s ornithology dept. one of the most renowned in the world.

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