Hollywood Bachelorette: I’m single and forty. You got a problem with that?!

gingerliu in the 70's

Okay, I admit it; I’m single and forty.  So what? Marriage had never been an issue for me because from the age of fifteen I knew I never wanted to be married. As I grew older I still never gave marriage a second thought and I happily went about my business, enjoying life, work, and relationships. So why do others treat me like a freak?

I moved to the USA and wherever I worked I was asked if I was married. Now I live in Hollywood. I’m a stay-at-home writer and I listen to the radio and Dr. Laura spout out the importance of stay-at-home mothers, no sex before marriage, and to be weary of anyone over forty who have never been married. Marriage has come up in my own dating experiences too where more than once I’ve stared into the shocked eyes of my dating opponent as they uttered: “What, you’ve never been married?!”

You know what? So what if I’ve never married. What’s wrong with being a free spirited bachelorette? Women love bachelors, it’s even a selling point for celebrities such as George Clooney. But for me and other women like me who have never wanted to be part of this institution, the older and ever single we get, the more suspicious our dates become.

Still, it doesn’t top the experience I had in San Francisco when my date brought up the subject of children. I’ve always wanted children but recently lost my chance because of fibroids. When I conveyed this information to my date at the time, the look of horror spread all over the face like a disease and then my date proclaimed that I was “only half a woman.” You want my Top Ten list of shitty dates; well that’s a close second. I’m saving the juice of my number one for another time.

I remain fiercely independent and that’s okay. I’m okay and I’m happy. I have no issues with being single and forty. Maybe it’s you who have the problem. And next time I’m out on a date and one of you schmucks can’t control your look of horror, I’m walking away.

 Ginger Liu



2 thoughts on “Hollywood Bachelorette: I’m single and forty. You got a problem with that?!

  1. Good For You!! I did get married, got divorced, then got widowed – by the same guy! At least the gov said I was widowed & gave me money to boot for it (and the reuslting children) Many, Many years ago. And ever since — when I tell anyone I never wanted to do it again — I get the same goofy shock. What’s up with people who don’t ‘condone’ anyone elses choices! None of their bleepin’ business why you choose to do as you do! Enjoy your life to the fullest and think of George and smile wickedly when it happens — they’ll think youre off your rocker anyway – so enjoy it!

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