Tina Fey: AP Entertainer of the Year


Tina Fey was voted the Associated Press’ Entertainer of the Year. And it’s not surprising when Fey’s name was bandied about as much as Sarah Palins’ during the run up to the election. But oh how the male dominated press with their inadequate penises have to bring a successful woman down. Look at how Hilary Clinton and even Sarah Palin was treated by the press, although my sympathy for the latter is next to zero.

So perhaps now we won’t have to read or listen to male chauvinist b/s about how “women aren’t funny.” It’s a lot like the b/s from a male LA Times writer last week who stated that Nicole Kidman “is not a star,” and that Nicole Kidman, one of the most famous and successful actresses of her generation, can’t sell a movie. What utter bull-shit. These “men” have small dicks. That’s all I have to say about it.

Ginger Liu