Watch this space for my new off shoot of my WEBZINE/BLOG/WEBASODE/REALITY TV SERIES: The Day in Life, aka: “I Really Want to Direct.” I invite people from all corners of the film and entertainment industry to take part. What people do for a living has always interested me and living in Hollywood, BIZ employees are everywhere. I will be inviting people to answer a number of set questions: the same set of questions goes to everyone, whether you are a brand new Production Assistant or a seasoned Director or Actor. I want to know what you are doing TODAY in your job, not the overall picture, although that will be covered in your introduction, together with some free publicity for you and your project (links to your website, etc). For example, if you are a Prop Master, you will describe what you are working on TODAY, no matter if you think it is interesting or not. I want to know what you are doing TODAY and why.

Of course, none of you really have to want to direct. I am genuinely interested in what you do and I’m excited to hear from anyone in the BIZ, big or small.

Each person who takes part gets free publicity and a plug for themselves or/and the project they are currently working on; links to websites, etc.  And as most Q&A’s can be conducted via email, you can also supply your own photograph, taken on the job. Although I would love to do the honors if and when possible.

I got the idea from a Nancy Meyer feature, Holiday, where Cameron Diaz’s character produces trailers. As viewers, we take for granted what we see on the screen and many people aren’t fully aware of all the uniquely important jobs involved in making a movie. We know the director, producer, and actor gets all the credit and we kind of have an idea what their job entails, but what about the Sound Mixer or the Production Manager, or the Teamster. Giving a title to your career doesn’t tell me much, which is why I wanted to narrow the Q&A down to what the Producer or the Prop Master is actually doing THAT DAY, the whole 12-16 hours.