Buy a Ticket to “Elsewhere”

It really annoys me when educated men and women use the “marriage is between a man and a woman and has been for the last 5,000 years, so why change.” Sure, why change laws. Let’s take away the vote from women because men have written the law for the last 5,000 years. Let’s not mix the races. Let’s follow a book and not change the contents of that book because our life is no different now than it was 2,000 years ago. While we are at, let’s not have any progress at all and live our lives as it was written 5,000 years ago.

These people are idiots. Get with the times. Do they actually think that gay and lesbian people will just disappear from the face of the earth if they are denied the same rights as the rest of the population? These people pretend that they “tolerate” gay people, yet they don’t want to see them or have them in their own “backyard.” 

Let’s not welcome any gays, let’s not welcome any foreigners, let’s not welcome anyone remotely different.

I feel sorry for these narrow minded people. How boring their lives must be. I have lived in many cities, I have lived in many countries, and I have mixed with different groups in this world society. Without that education and without the guts, I would be still living in a small 1,300 year old village and learning about the world and its people from the media. And I think we all know how much the media distorts people and places. 

Don’t believe what you see and what you read. Instead, buy a ticket to Elsewhere and get yourself an education and an understanding of humanity. While you’re at it, take a trip to San Francisco where gay and lesbians don’t hide away like scared rabbits. Get a life and get a heart.

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