Obama: Shame on You

Message to the LA County 70%: Tell me about your struggle. The struggle that is soooo much more important than the gay and lesbian struggle. 

Did your parents disown you because you are black? No? Happens to gay and lesbians every day.

Have you ever been afraid that your family, friends, and work colleagues would disown you if you were black? No? Gays and lesbians struggle constantly with coming and being out.

Did you get beaten up and bullied at school because you are black? No? Happens to gay and lesbians more now than ever before. Teachers turn a blind eye.

Did you have to hide the real you and live a lie because you were afraid to be black? No? Happens every day to gays and lesbians.

Do you kill yourself because you are black? No? Gay and lesbians teenagers are amongst the highest percentage of suicides.

Where you ever denied the right to marry the person you love because you are black? No? Well that’s happening right now in California. Thanks to you.

Oh, and another thing. Did you make a choice to be black? No? Well neither do gay and lesbians.

So now the truth is out. You got us all supporting your “struggle,” yet you’re just as bigoted as the “white man” you constantly bitch about. 

We were brothers and sisters fighting for the same cause and yet you dare to state that the gay and lesbian struggle is NOT a Civil Rights issue

Shame on you. 

I’m done supporting your Civil Rights

One thought on “Obama: Shame on You

  1. Nice comment. You know the thing I don’t get about all this anti-black gay ranting is where does all the anger come from?

    When they were campaigning against Prop 8, they weren’t in the black community. There were lawn signs all over West Hollywood, Silerlake and all the usual places were progressive minded folks habitate. It’s simple. They campaigned to their base. They ran Ads that made a lot of sense to me.

    But here’s the rub, I am not the person they needed to convince.

    And when Prop 8 passed they went straight to race no chaser.

    Sure, there is definitely homophobia in the black community — anybody with half a brain or understanding of history could have told them that because homophobia exists in all corners. But what has been so illuminating about this is how much racism there is in the gay community.

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