Run over

YES, I WAS RUn over today. I’m always careful not to walk past a car waiting to turn left because the driver is always looking left but I was impatient. Next think I know this car is right into me and I am forced to climb on the hood of the car. I was okay but the guy just looked at me and mouthed “sorry” then continued to look left so that he could turn. Thanks for caring! Anyho, he wasn’t driving a sports car or anything, else I would have thrown myself under the wheels.

Obama: Black Lesbian lost her equal rights because of her rasicm

I’m a liberal and I believe in equal rights. Which is why I have a real problem with this article:,0,3295255.story?track=ntothtml The black lesbian who wrote this article states that black people have it worse than gays because they can’t hide the color of their skin. She says that she didn’t care a hoot about Prop 8 because she sees it as a white struggle. I’m annoyed at this because I think of all the white people, me included, who have given a hoot about blacks having equal rights over the last 45 years.

What this black lesbian doesn’t experience is racism in the workplace or in the bar and club or street because in this politically correct and forward thinking state of ours, no one is going to say any thing against a black person. In every office I have worked in in California I have experienced blatant homophobia from blacks and whites. While no one will dare to be racist in the office, the same does not apply to homophobia. I have experienced name calling and ridicule and contempt from straight workers towards gay workers and I have had straight people whisper to me their dislike of the gay in the office. Each time I’ve expressed my objection of their hate and threatened to report them, their smile would turn to dread and they would pretend that they were “only joking.”

This so called liberal state of ours has straight people shouting and threatening gays on the streets yet these same people wouldn’t dare do the same to black people. I was shocked at the blatant homophobia in offices in San Francisco, of all places, and especially from the black workers in the office. One guy actually came up to me and bent his wrist and joked about a gay guy in the office. This was two years ago in SF. When I told him I was going to report him, he practically had a baby. Not once did I hear any bad word against a black person because people are too scared. People aren’t scared of gay name calling because society still lets them get away with it. And this is still evident in the media.

So, miss black lesbian, I couldn’t care about your “struggle.” What struggle for you? You are a writer. As a black woman you can marry a man. As a lesbian you can not marry a woman. So who is the fool here? You don’t have equal rights, not because you are black, but because you are gay. Think about it, and yet you were knocking on doors, and after door after door, your equal rights as a lesbian slowly eroded away. 

Cats posing for pictures

My cats have been posing for photographs today and I have been sending pictures out to the family. These chats are my family. They are also just like kids. They get my up at the crack every morning and whine for food or sleep on my head and lick my hair, jump on my back or stretch their legs into my face. Yes, they are so cute that I can’t get mad with them. I have noticed thought that they have been a bit pissy of late. The pair of them will hiss or give me a whack. Thankfully I clip their nails so don’t hurt me. But mostly, they sleep. They sleep all day and night.  JeezzzzzzBig CatCat awake time

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