Novel things

breakfast140.jpgI put it down for a while but I had a good go of it all of yesterday. I just want to make a good manuscript and then get help.

It’s scriptathon today. I have one I want to rewrite. I may start small. I have four shorts which I could do for practice.

I’ve drummed up freelance work but it’s for no money. I need a job. But I’m also going home in May. But I need a job for when I get back so that I can pay June rent. Or should I just not go home. Aaaaaagh. I need to go visit but is that really sensible when I’m not working. Anyho, I’ll see what my tax is like. How great to be creative but how shit it is to be poor…really poor. Do I get a straight job or do I get a cafe job. Mmmmmm. I’d rather be working for a production company.

I got to go to the library.

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