No Car


I live in Hollywood and I am not getting a CAR in the APARTMENT THE SIZE OF MY ASS


When I tell Angelino’s I don’t have a car, their response is always the same “What? You don’t have a car!?” You’d think I’d told them I that I didn’t eat or something. Yes. I do not have a car in Hollywood. And I will not be getting a car. Sitting in a traffic jam for an hour and half does not seem like fun to me. An ex of mine insisted that I must get a car, that I have to get a car. You know what? I get by just fine. I don’t have the expense of a car or the stress of being in a car in LA. Cars are for driving and I love to drive…but not in LA. Maybe if I’m in this place long enough to have some spare cash and I want a toy, well all and good then.

Oh, and the car I’d buy? An orange VW 1966 Beetle, of course. It’s orange, it’s petite, it’s loud, and it’s European. What more can I say. Sounds like we are perfect for one another.

I’m off for a walk, fatsos!

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